Think Before You Act

This has finally happened enough times to get me sufficiently heated for a blog post. That's a pretty low bar, I know, but today gave me the inspiration I needed.

Two radio stations that sometimes get run in my car are JAM'N 94.5 and KISS 108 (which is actually 107.9, which also gets me heated, but is not the point right now). Nowadays I'm usually tuned in to NPR, but taking a break from the financial crisis and the dubious wars in various Middle Eastern countries that most people couldn't place on a map can be necessary.

JAM'N used to be my favorite, but it's degraded over the past decade. KISS used to suck, but has undergone moderate improvement. The reason for this convergence? They're both owned by Clear Channel now.

Their playlists are disturbingly similar, covering much of the same pop music. JAM'N leans slightly to the hip hop side, while KISS leans to the "I'm a 12 year old girl" side. An hour spent switching back and forth will usually result in hearing the same song on each channel.

Sometimes you'll get really lucky and that song will be playing on both channels at the same time. Sometimes even, like today, it'll be the same point in that song.

Let's take a moment to review: that's the same point, in the same song, at the same time, on two channels owned by the same company. While one would assume that a simple morning production meeting could eliminate any such gaffes, it gets better.

JAM'N and KISS aren't located on opposite ends of the state. They're not even on opposite ends of a city. They are, in fact, in the SAME BUILDING...with studios on the SAME GOD DAMN FLOOR. I know communication can be difficult sometimes, but yelling "Yo, I'm about to play Sexy Chick!" is all it would take.

Bush league.


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