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Under My Umbrella

Okay, not MY umbrella. I don't own one. And you couldn't pay me to carry one. But I think I'm part of the minority here. Half the people I see on the street don't seem to realize that wind + umbrella = stumbling around, getting soaked, and looking like a dummy while valiantly attempting to turn it outside in (guess that's the opposite of inside out). The other half have Gore-Tex jackets on, with hoods pulled tight, like the Wicked Witch of West doing her best to avoid another melting incident. Department of redundancy department anyone? Maybe not everyone got CC'd on the memo, but here are the cliff notes: some guy invented the raincoat.

Poor Planning 2

(See the original Poor Planning post from March 13, 2009.) For the past several weeks a wood flooring company's van has been parked in close proximity to my house. As the picture shows, they do it all: dustless buffer, installation, sanding, refinishing, and staining. I'm not sure which one of my neighbors is utilizing these services, but their floors should be lookin' fly before too long. Now I'm sure these guys are fine purveyors of the wood flooring arts, but marketing geniuses they certainly are not. would have been a great URL, but the fact that it was already taken didn't make putting "my" at the beginning a good idea. On the contrary, it's probably the worst pronoun they could have chosen. Let's take another example: even if Merriam-Webster found that their first, second, third, and fourth website choices were all taken, picking would still be ill-advised.