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Time Will Tell...Or Won't It?

Religions often claim to keep up with widespread shifts in social, political, and scientific norms. However, it usually remains confined to the small space in which God has pre-approved change, not the broader arena of serious issues like abortion and gay rights. While any progress seems to come like Shaq running the floor, it should still be celebrated when it occurs (no matter how winded it is). The Vatican recently announced that it was opening an exhibit to acknowledge the 400th anniversary of Galileo's groundbreaking work in astronomy . Using a telescope that eerily resembled a stick , in 1609 he posited that the Earth revolves around the Sun: a direct contradiction to the church's view that the Sun revolved around the Earth. For this, Galileo was declared a heretic. Guess when the pope finally admitted that the church was in error. Nope, way more recent. Try 1992. Really, what surprises me the most about all of this is that the Catholic church doesn't have any restric

Because You Never Know

Here's the scene: you're an idiot, in Wales, going out on the town with one of your mates. Your sober IQ's about the same as your inseam. Drunk IQ? More like your shoe size. 17 pints later things start getting a little belligerent. You both want to start a fight, but who's a good target? It's a nice night, plenty of people wandering the streets. Push a few guys around, no one's taking the bait. There! Two drag queens stroll through the slightly less blurred portion of your vision. Dear diary, jackpot! You wake up in prison with a black eye and sore ribs. Why? Well find out for yourself (watch the guy with no shirt, of course): Turns out those two drag queens were MMA cage fighters on their way to a theme party. Oops.