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Wasted Cars

I try to keep my blog from being overly car-centric in hopes of appealing to a wider audience, but this is one that I can't get over. You know when you're in a rush to get somewhere, perhaps driving a few mph over the speed limit, and you pull up behind a BMW 335 at a stoplight? First thing that goes through your mind is, "Great, this guy's gonna be flyin'." Light turns green...waiting...and instead of a bat outta hell, it's like a pig into molasses. Now contemporary automotive theory dictates that car companies should have multiple tiers for each available model. The distinctions are usually a combination of power and aesthetics, with the former accounting for most of the difference in price. This is good for people like me who have mad whip, because it allows us to choose a model that'll make it easier to get points on our licenses. The problem arises with people who drive like my grandmother (RIP) but are still under the illusion that they need abso