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Cry Me a River

I went to the Friendly Toast for brunch yesterday and saw the sign pictured below while we were waiting for our table. It probably shouldn't have gotten me heated, but if it didn't this blog would exist. Just suck it up and accept the fact that no one wants to carry cash anymore. If you're paying 2% per transaction at the high end, that means you're grossing 275 grand a month. And you're really gonna have to raise prices for THAT reason? You expect people to go out of their ways to save you a few bucks when you're making 275k A MONTH? Why stop there? I have an even better way to keep prices low: dump the wait staff. Leave index cards on the table, I'll write down our orders, and then swing by the kitchen every few minutes to see if they're ready. In fact, why not just leave the ingredients in the back and I'll cook the shit too.