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I pity the fool who doesn't watch the right channels/time slots to see these commercials, so I'm doing you a favor: There are two important lessons to be learned: 1. Mr. T's hair is perfect. It's hard to argue with science... 2. Mr. T is extremely generous, taking time out of his busy schedule to help others "look good." It may not be the most coveted endorsement in the world, but when's the last time you saw another member of The A-Team on TV?

Chocolate Romance?

Listening to the radio over the past couple months has made it disturbingly obvious that I need to set everyone straight. Again. Lady GaGa does not...I repeat...DOES NOT make good music. Don't be fooled.

Get Movin'

Around the beginning of September I started noticing crossing guards at one of the main intersections on my commute to and from work (BU Bridge and Comm Ave for the local folks). It later became apparent that they were, in fact, full fledged police officers; with guns and everything! I assumed this was just a temporary measure taken by Boston University to ensure that freshman didn't get mowed down in their first week of school while trying to adapt to Boston's...uh...unique driving styles. While a little thin in my book, it's at least understandable. Maybe "giant red hand" doesn't translate well in other languages. Three months have passed now and 5-0 is still dutifully protecting our nation's future. Wouldn't you expect BU to be seeking kids of an ilk such that they'd be able to navigate the commute to and from campus? If after three months avoiding Prius en route to class (Priuses? Prii?) is still a matter of student survival, they clearly are n