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Customs Rant

Airports have the uncanny ability to take the simplest of problems and completely F them up time and again, but nothing is worse than going through customs. Your flight landed early, you're excited to get home, and all you're thinking about is how long it will take to get your checked bag to figure out when your ride can leave the cellphone lot. But then you turn the corner and see that mass of people snaking across the customs area like a compressed accordion of misery. Half hour? 45 minutes maybe? Fuck. You queue up behind all the other downtrodden travelers to join the march of inches that brings you ever so slowly closer to your ultimate fate: having to answer questions from someone no more American than you to be allowed back into your own damn country. I'm an American citizen. They verified my passport three different times before even letting me on the plane. Who are you to make me wait to get back home? Scan my passport, compare my picture, and let me get th