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Double Taxation Without Representation

As anyone who's reading this knows, I love watching basketball (almost as much as playing it). TNT carries a lot of NBA games, including two every Thursday night, with the presenting sponsor often being the Marines. This raises a few questions for me, most notably: what the hell are the Marines doing sponsoring anything? It strikes me as a strange use of defense funds compared to...I don't know...guns?! Don't get me wrong, I understand how they could benefit - think people who watch basketball are the target market, viewers see sponsorship and sign up, more people enlisted - but that still doesn't offset the cost. Sports advertising is expensive, and since the Marines certainly aren't a profit center, it's not like each new enlistee generates additional income. In fact, doesn't a bigger Marine Corps cost more money to support? Essentially they're spending money to allow themselves to spend more money. Now that's the kind of organization I wanna do b