New Word For Your Noggin

Welcome to my newest segment: New Word For Your Noggin. Your number one source for slang, bad puns, and vernacular from the not-so-mean streets of Cambridge. These are words I either made up, stole from someone else and am claiming as my own, or simply want to pass along for the greater good.

Today's entry: textastrophe
tex•tas•tro•phe - noun
1. A catastrophic text message-related event.
2. A grossly misinterpreted text message.

  • Sending that text about what she was gonna do to her boyfriend, to her dad, turned into a serious textastrophe.
  • The most prominent textastrophe to date was the result of Tiger Woods texting his hos in different area codes.
  • Using the word "fat" in a message is a textastrophe waiting to happen, even if you mean it in a good way.
Remember, you heard it here first.


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