I had a delicious sushi dinner from Teryaki House in South Boston last night. The spicy's spicy, but everything was great.

You know what I used to enjoy the meal? My fingers. Why? Because I think using chopsticks is one of the most illogical cultural norms we have and I refuse to promote such irrationality by joining in. Also, me attempting to use chopsticks is an absolute strugglefest, but that's not the point here. As the only person at the table not participating, I'm clearly in the minority on this.

Sushi may be the meal where chopsticks make the most sense, granted, but my thumb and index finger are a damn good team. Although the extra length does make taking food off of friends' plates easier, a value which cannot be overstated.

Using chopsticks to eat fried rice or lo mein on the other hand, come on. This isn't Karate Kid and you're not Mr. Myagi. Sure, they can be used to shovel the food into your mouth; but as it turns out a food shovel already exists.

It's called a spoon.


  1. Graham had a good trick for improving one's skill with chopsticks (an important skill if you ever plan on attempting a business meeting anywhere in Asia) watching a football game and trying to eat peanuts with chopsticks, after a couple of games he was pro


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