I've been seeing more and more cars recently (namely Subarus) that have a PZEV badge on the back:


PZEV, as you probably can't read above, stands for Partial Zero-Emissions Vehicle. It actually means something and there are guidelines and stuff, but none of that's really important. What's important is that PZEV is a bit of a misnomer. And of course by bit, I mean massive. Because you know what part of zero is? Yeah, zero.


  1. Yea I see alot of Hondas with the Zero emissions stickers, which is kind of strange... Because if you're still running a combustion engine there will be emissions. Something doesn't = nothing...apparently regulators at the EPA or in the auto industry have regressed some 3 thousand years in human history by forgetting what the mathematical definition of 0 is...

  2. I love you so much. All the time, but especially when you school fools in math.


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