Cooookie Cooookie Cooookie!

Shizz and I were discussing this over Celtics the other night, and it's definitely worth sharing. Is that enough of a shoutout?

I don't understand how anyone in the world can justify buying Thin Mints from Girl Scouts. I'm not about to start bashing Girl Scouts or supporting non-profits, don't worry. But don't they understand that Girl Scouts also sell Samoas (or Caramel "typo" deLites for the political correct amongst us)? Samoas are at least 116% better than Thin Mints, are sold exclusively by Girl Scouts, and may in fact be the best cookie in the world. They're even the SAME PRICE. CAPITALS. SAME PRICE. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but a box of those doesn't stand a chance in my house. Either Samoas are the best value money can buy, or Thin Mints are the worst.

I know some people actually prefer Thin Mints to Samoas, but still want to support a good cause. In these cases Samoas should be purchased, sold on the black market (I know I'd pay more than cost for a box if I could buy them at D & D Market), with the proceeds used to buy economical and I'm convinced identical Shaw's brand Thin Mint Cookies. It's a win win win. The third winner of course is me for being able to buy Samoas across the street from my house.

This all reminded me of something else: what's wrong with calling them Samoas anyway? It's not like the people are black on one side and white with black stripes on the other. And who wouldn't want something so fantastic to be named after themselves? If they were called'd be set.


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