Get the Guy a Caddy

It's going to come as a surprise, but this post isn't about Federer's sweater.

I saw some Wimbledon highlights on SportsCenter last weekend and was surprised by the amount of luggage he carries to and from matches. The fact that it looks like the bag over his right shoulder should be filled with diapers notwithstanding, he appears to be slightly overpacked.

I don't claim to be much of a tennis player, but have a pretty good grasp of the game. Here are the things I do know about professional tennis: balls are provided, the most racquets broken during a match is 2 (I just made that up, but you would have believed it), and adolescents who ambulate around the court like robots handle the towel service. Which begs the question: what's in those bags?

You could fit 3 racquets, an extra change of clothes, and at least a dozen assorted headbands in a paper bag from Trader Joe's, and still have room to spare. Instead, Federer looks like he's prepared for an eight week camping trip in the Swiss Alps.

Well, except for the sweater.


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