As anyone who's texted or IMed with me knows, I don't cut a lot of corners. Proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling are my game. I don't know why other people find it such a burden. Believe it or not, that extra button to add a period and extra two keys to spell out "you" really don't impede my ability to send messages.

So how does an abbreviation like "bff" gain widespread acceptance? I can count on 0 hands the number of times I've said "best friend forever" in conversation. I promised to be John's best friend in 1st grade if he traded me his Doritos, but we didn't have cell phones back then.

Someone must have been sitting at their computer one day and had an epiphany: This is the sixteenth time I've typed best friend forever in the last three sentences, and it's really starting to slow me down. There's gotta be a better way. That's it! Bff! I'll be the Usain Bolt of IMing.

And what did that person do with all eight extra seconds they gained each day as a result of this Nobel Prize-worthy discovery? Waste it coming up with other abbreviations for phrases that would never be used in normal conversation (ROTFL: the only rolling on the floor I'm familiar with involves stopping and dropping first). I get being lazy, but if you don't have the stamina to make it through proper sentence structure, I'd suggest spending some of that texting time at the gym.


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  2. whoops...

    U could use 77 less characters in this entry if u used abbrevs.


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