Don't Hate

As just about everyone knows, I have a not-so-secret love of girly hip hop (or what some people might call, baby makin' music). I don't try to deny it or make excuses, I just accept it. Darlene would always listen to this kind of music when I was growing up, and still does to this day, so I guess it eventually rubbed off on me. This is yet another great example of why I enjoy being big, 'cause you certainly wouldn't catch me singing along to Kiss Me Thru The Phone if I was 5'6".

Which brings me to the point, my first inaugural Favorite Girly Hip Hop Song of the Moment: Krys Ivory - Next 2 Ya (feat. Ryan Leslie)

And in order to redeem some credibility for my manhood, the concurrent first inaugural Hot Beat to Blast (I don't like most of Immortal Technique's songs, but this one is sick): Immortal Technique - Mistakes



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