Clark Rocafella

If what I heard today is true, that's how he would actually think his name was spelled. Instead, as people have been doing for years, Clark Rockefeller is going to attempt to avoid prison time with an insanity plea. I understand that it must be clinically confirmed and there is a whole process for formulating a diagnosis, but why is insanity an excuse? "I'm so sorry officer, my fast is out of control. Clearly that means you can't give me a ticket or take me to jail, but I'd be happy to attend a 'How to go slow and stay in control' class...once...and probably sleep for most of the time." Doesn't work that way, does it? That scenario only happens with the really serious crimes. And more to the point, why does insanity keep you out of jail; aren't all men created equal? Being insane should not provide a privileged criminal life with free range to bust a cap if you forget to fill your prescription. Apparently kidnapping your daughter due to insanity can get you a nice clean room and sweet meds, while everyone else who did it blinded by anger or blasted on drugs is in a living hell behind bars. An insanity plea should be feared and avoided, not encouraged and rewarded.


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