Because You Never Know

Here's the scene: you're an idiot, in Wales, going out on the town with one of your mates. Your sober IQ's about the same as your inseam. Drunk IQ? More like your shoe size.

17 pints later things start getting a little belligerent. You both want to start a fight, but who's a good target? It's a nice night, plenty of people wandering the streets. Push a few guys around, no one's taking the bait.

There! Two drag queens stroll through the slightly less blurred portion of your vision. Dear diary, jackpot!

You wake up in prison with a black eye and sore ribs. Why? Well find out for yourself (watch the guy with no shirt, of course):

Turns out those two drag queens were MMA cage fighters on their way to a theme party.



  1. awesome, the lead in is as amusing as the the fat guy getting leveled in one shot.


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