I suck at multitasking. If I'm typing something on the computer it's physically and mentally impossible for me to have a conversation at the same time. And don't even get me started with trying to read in a room where people are talking; it would take me days to get through Goodnight Moon.

Now Obama, I bet he's a great multitasker. It's hard enough to manage a hectic schedule of constant self and political party promotion (no alliteration intended) on the campaign trail, and he was able to garner more support than any president in history.

Yesterday, Obama revealed his NCAA men's basketball tournament picks in an interview that was aired on ESPN. Today, there was fallout. People wrote in to their local newspapers and called up their local NPR stations to complain about this glaring misappropriation of Federal time. Apparently Obama has the power to fix the economy all by himself. People think he should be spending every second of every day actively making changes. I'm pretty sure these same people have never considered their own jobs, or are professional losers who never miss an episode of Days of Our Lives.

From my experience, it takes a long time to get things done at work. That's how life is when you have to rely on other people. Obama can't be an expert on every economic issue, so he needs his advisers to be available. Of course Geithner and Bernanke need to be there too, so has anyone checked their Outlook calendars? And what if one of their kids gets sick and needs to get picked up from school? And dinner, has everyone had dinner? What about sleep?

Not to mention the fact that America's economy is the largest in the world. It would probably take a football stadium full of economists just to explain all the problems afflicting our nation. Any change that is made takes weeks or months to produce results, and it's important to understand these effects before enacting additional modifications. It would be an exercise in poor scientific method to pass additional legislation without completely understanding the consequences of the first...and you wouldn't want Descartes on your ass.

The point is, the president was elected for a reason. Because we believe he can make this country better, even great. He's not going to let the NCAA tournament, or anything else, get in the way of his obligations to the people. So let the man watch Sportscenter in peace, it's hard enough to schedule a meeting at 11 p.m. anyway.


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